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Leave the Manure Behind...

Our mission is to teach you simple & powerful ways to begin living the life of your dreams immediately!

  • be wealthy & healthy
  • create peace in your life
  • enjoy great relationships
  • manifest your true desires
  • learn to love yourself & others
  • live the fun life you have always wanted

...I noticed changes right away...Leaving Manureville...taught me how to attract financial success...and discover what I have been truly desiring; inner peace. My life and that of my family will be forever changed for the better. 

Nick Parnprome, Jopin Studios, Age 44

Elevating Your Mind

Leaving Manureville & How The Human System Works

Leaving Manureville & How The Human System Works is the latest breakthrough in personal growth and the fastest way from poop to peace! Get ready to have a life-changing experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life!

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Elevating Your Body

20 Second Fitness

The Most Efficient Way To Burn Fat & Get In Shape! In as little as 4 minutes a day, you can drop 16 pounds in 6 weeks, while boosting your metabolism, & building lean muscle with clinically proven, calorie burning, fun workouts!

Elevating Your Soul

Life In Harmony: Short Meditations For People On The Go

10 short meditations, designed to renew the mind and refresh the soul, bringing the listener back to their natural state of wholeness, abundance, peace and joy! Release fear, forgive yourself and others, have peace of mind, and much more!

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leave the manure behind...

the fastest way from poop to peace!

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